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Welcome to Sundial-Camper

4.27.07 - Free Hosting on Godaddy.com!!!! Fixed the gallery and added easy access to the Jumpseat detal with measurements if you need to create a new one.  Also added a new artice from VW Greats Fall 1972 where they review a new bay window sundial camper.

10.01.2004  Were up on a new server and things should be running better.  I've taken the forums down temporarily and am experimenting with a couple of other boards.  The guestbook is new and improved as well.  I have recently gotten an old vw magazine that does a comparison of American camper conversions, Sundial being one of them.  I'll get it scanned and added soon.

7.16.2004  I received an email from the son of John Nixon, the owner/designer of Sundial.  I got some great info and a brief history of the company.  I've made a page dedicated to the history that I'll continue to add to as I get more info.

7.14.2004  An update!  I've been meaning to make the site more comprehensive so I've begun.  Current update is I added a how to ID page.  I live in TN now, so keep an eye out for me at the shows down south.

9.10.2003 Added a couple of new files.  The Sundial Camper Brochure (Thanks to Ed Richardson) and the Sundial bed patent info.  Both files can be accessed to the left and are in pdf format.

6.19.2003 - Got the site up and running again.  Sharing a server with another site.  Check out the new forums.

August 2002 - Just got the site moved over to my own server.  I am having some problems with the email, forum and guestbook.  I will be getting these fixed soon.  May move to another server.  If you need to contact me for anything try badaugherty(at)msn.com

03.05.02 - Sorry for the lack of content lately, just moved to IN from CA and it's cold here.  Too much salt on the roads for now, so my Sundial is still in Fresno.  I got it painted and am currently working on rebuilding the camper kit (will have plans up soon, I hope)  Sold my 1600 last weekend and have started building a Type IV.  Found the local VW club here http://www.oldfortvwclub.com maybe they'll let me join.  Going to let my wife take over some of the web site stuff, as my new job doesn't give me much free time.  PLEASE POST YOUR PICS!

09.26.01 - Added Sundial-Camper Store

    This website will contain any information I can find on this brand of campers.  Hopefully I can collect enough info to make this site worthwhile.

TIP:  When taking photos of your Camper to upload, try to concentrate on the camper interior.  For the Sundial is not defined by the exterior of the bus.


Below is the cover of a Sundial Camper brochure that Chuck Notmeyer has been so kind to provide us with